The Final Stage: Completion of Service

Once the final submissions are made on your behalf, you shall receive an email notification. The email will contain a few options, allowing you to purchase additional submissions at a greatly reduced price should you wish to continue the JobSearch. As you know, the more submissions we can submit in your name, the greater the chances will be of locating a suitable job offer. It’s just the law of large numbers. The more you send – the more answers you get.

From our experience, there is usually a delay of up to 21 days between the application received by a potential employer, and them responding to it. Our Career Advisors will continue monitoring your JobSearch file for 30 days after the last submission is sent, and respond to any employer request or skill assessments we receive. This is the final waiting period before completing the service.

  • A closed JobSearch can be “restarted” by purchasing additional submissions up to three (3) months after this 30-day period. Should you choose to reengage our services after this period, a new JobSearch package must be selected, and the additional submission discount option will no longer apply. This is due to updates that may be needed in either the CV, the job-market conditions and a number of other factors. Please be advised.